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Custom Vinyl Pool Construction Process

The construction process listed below makes up a general minimum of the construction schedule for building your custom in-ground vinyl swimming pool. This does not necessarily list every phase of your construction project, as each project is different. The more complex your build is, the more steps in the over all process you may see. Construction times vary with each project, and can range from a 4-6 weeks on a simple project, to several months on more elaborate or larger projects. We hope this list serves as a simple education on what you can come to expect on the construction of your custom vinyl swimming pool.  

​Consultation & 3D Design 

Your initial onsite consultation with Lonestar Pools we will take detailed measurements of your house, property, and elevations. Your designer will ask questions to gain a detailed understanding of your family, intended pool use, and budget. At this point we will need a copy of your property survey. Once we fill we have a good grasp on what your are looking for in your pool, we will start the actually design process. Every client will receive a 3-D computer generated design, This realistic rendering will allow you to see all the elements of your pool design as they become an integrated part of your backyard and home. At this stage, we need feedback and communication, you can make revisions, additions, or subtractions, as you see necessary to mold this into the perfect design. Upon approval of your design, we will use this layout to create detailed outline and project proposal. 

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​Construction Plans & Permits

Upon contract execution we will begin preparing the construction plans and layouts including when required engineering designs and drainage plans. During this stage your project will also go under plans review by your homes utility providers for project approval. We will also provide any necessary documentation for your HOA approvals if necessary. 

​Pre-grade & Excavation

With your permits approved (If Applicable), we can begin construction with the pre-grade preparation and excavation of the soil. At this stage your layout will be completed, and pool will be excavated. If it is necessary to remove a section of fencing for access, we will take the responsibility of taking the fence down and putting it back up again. 

​Structural Walls & Grounding

Upon completion of excavation the steel or polymer structural walls will be installed and any special structural requirements set. This is the most important step in the process, as the final pool placement and elevation is set. At this time your pool steel will also have the electrical bonding set. 

20190517_135417 (1).jpg
Concrete Footer

After the walls have been set we pour a concrete footer around the outside base of the pool wall. This footer gives the pool wall extra structural reinforcement. 

​Plumbing & Equipment Set


The plumbing installation is another vitally important phase in your construction project. Improper hydraulics can lead to insufficient circulation, turn over rate, and overall function of your pool. This is another step in the process we go above and beyond the industry standard. Plumbing size, number of valves, pump size, number of skimmers as well as location, and filtration are all considered in the project plan based on your pool size and direct needs. Your pool is complete it will be working efficiently both in function and in operational cost. The plumbing of your pool will be pressure tested several times through the remainder of the build. This insures no plumbing is damaged during the final phases of construction. 


Upon completion of  plumbing our licensed electricians will install the service to your equipment set, hook up all pumps and features such as boosters, lights, computer controls or timers. Complete the electrical grounding, and insure everything is completely to code for inspection. 

Pool Automation.jpg
Backfill & Rough Grade

At this point, all of the dirt that has been laying around your backyard will be used to backfill around the swimming pool. We will also level the area around your pool. 


At this stage we hand trowel the vermiculite floor to create the bottom base of your new pool. Vermiculite (a mix of portland cement and vermiculite aggregates) is by design a low tensile strength psi concrete which has characteristics of porosity and flexibility that make it perfect for the base of a vinyl pool.  

vermiculite floor.jpg
Coping and Custom Stone Masonry

The liner track bead receiver is mounted to to the top of your structural walls. And our crew of skilled stone masons will install the coping selection of your choice. As well as any other custom stone features and additions, such as raised bond beams, retaining walls, custom water features, rock waterfalls, columns, outdoor kitchens, firepits, or fireplaces. Note: depending upon placement, some of these feature may be build after the deckingm phase. 

Decking​ & Decorative Overlays

Decking follows the finishing details of coping, and any other custom masonry. At this stage the deck crew will prep the area for proper grade and elevations, set all forms, drainage, steel reinforcement, turn down beams, and or footers. Depending upon your final selection the decking may be finished in one phase, or may take several phases of color or decorative overlays.  

Pool Interior Finish

The  liner installation is the final major stage of your swimming pool construction project. The pool lining seals the pools substructure creating a water tight barrier. We work with only the  best manufacturers in the industry, and each of the liners we offer are all made in the USA from virgin vinyl. This is one of the most exciting stages of the project, we are now in the homerun stretch. We begin filling your pool as soon as the liner is installed.  

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Final Grade & Clean Up

Even though we try and keep a clean and safe construction site, the fact is it will look like a bomb went off in your backyard.  For the most part we clean the best we can as we go, but you will need a final cleaning, and final grade of the yard so it will be ready for sod.

Pool Chemical Start-up & Pool School

Quite often a first time pool owner can feel overwhelmed by the initial start-up and maintenance of the pool. Lonestar Vinyl Pools provides every homeowner with the necessary training on how to operate and properly maintain the pool. In addition, we are always available for ongoing support to answer any questions you have regarding the care of your pool.

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