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Pool Equipment

The equipment that runs your pool is important to keeping an enjoyable, clean and safe environment for your family. At Lonestar Vinyl Pools we install only the highest quality and most efficient  swimming pool equipment in the industry.  Quality may be a subjective term, but not to us. That’s why we  install only the most proven inground pool equipment to give you the absolute best performance for your pool. 

Below is a list of the equipment we  install on your custom swimming pool as standard options. 


BADU Pro-V Self-Priming High Flow Pump

  • The BADU Pro pump series saves you time & money while making your life simpler.

  • Easily serviceable 4-bolt design & handle.

  • This high performance pump comes complete with our unique mechanical shaft seal that allows the pump, if mistreated, to run dry for up to one hour. The pump can be used for pool water with a salt concentration of up to 5000 ppm.

  • Non-corrosive, chemical/UV resistant, and can withstand temperatures of up to 175°F.

  • Lid lock ring that incorporates handles. These handles provide the user with a convenient way to easily remove the lid.

  • Clear lid with built-in LED light, allowing the user to check the basket for debris.

  • Suction and discharge come equipped with quick disconnect unions as well as internal threads for easy installation and maintenance.

  • Programmable hugh efficiency TEFC maintenance-free permantent magnet brushless motor.

  • 2.7 THP (230 V) variable speed motor with build-in easy to use controller LCD screen.

  • Variable speed control, ranging from 600 to 3450 RPM. Levels can be set in increments of 10 RPM.

  • Motor features: Built-in real time clock, low temperature monitor, menu keypad lockout, and programmable auxiliary load feature.

  • Digital inputs for compatibility with pool automation systems.

  • Every pump is performance tested before leaving the Speck factory.

Jandy CL & CV Series Cartridge Filters


Cartridge Pool Filter

Cartridge filters are slightly more expensive than sand filters, and require a bit more maintenance, but can be more effective and energy efficient if you have a larger pool.


  • Easy-grip handles on the tank lid make filter installation and cleaning easy

  • Unique pressure gauge indicator can be customized for each pool

  • Available in 340-, 460-, and 580-square-foot models


Waterco MultiCyclone Pre-Filter


MultiCyclone pre-filters up to 80% of the filter’s incoming dirt load easing the workload of the swimming pool filter. As the MultiCyclone intercepts more and more dirt, the flow rate remains unchanged.

  • Improving pool water circulation

  • Enhancing the performance of the automatic pool cleaner and in-floor cleaning system

  • Allowing effective pool vacuuming without burdening the pool filter

  • Minimizing filter maintenance and saving water


Minimize backwash frequency

The installation of a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a sand filter can reduce its backwash frequency to once per year, resulting in a saving of up to 7,000 litres of water per year for an average domestic sized swimming pool.


Minimize cartridge cleaning and replacement

The installation of a MultiCyclone as a pre-filter to a cartridge filter can reduce filter cartridge cleaning and replacement to once per swimming season and even up to once per year, depending on the size of the cartridge filter.

  • Minimizes filter maintenance and saves water

  • No filter media to clean or replace

  • Suitable for new and existing installations

  • 2-year warranty

BlueSquare Abyss Leaf Canister 

The Largest Capacity Storage for Pool and Spa Debris 

With maximum debris storage capacity for swimming pool and spa debris, Abyss needs less frequent cleaning and maintenance than a typical installation. Abyss also is designed to push the heaviest debris to the bottom, increasing your pool’s energy efficiency.

Higher Capacity. Less Maintenance 

By design, the heaviest debris heads straight to the bottom. No interrupted water flow. No interference for your pool equipment. Maximum efficiency at all times.

And since it’s so long, you can wait quite a while between cleanings.


Enjoy Easy Access

Installed as part of your pool equipment pad so that you won’t find yourself doing yoga poses to reach it.

The lid gives you a clear view of what’s inside. And can be easily winterized.

The basket easily slides out and keeps debris contained in the process. No mess.


Polaris TR35P AND TR36P Cleaners


The Polaris Vac-Sweep® TR35P is a powerful pressure-side pool cleaner for all in-ground pools.

Featuring the iconic Polaris 3-wheel design, the TR35P vacuums, sweeps and scrubs the bottom and walls of any size or shape pool.

Available for sale only at your local pool store. This product can not be purchased online.



  • Triple venturi jet vacuum for strongest vacuum power

  • Large throat for big debris

  • Sweephose to clean steps and tight corners

  • Large capacity, all-purpose premium zippered debris bag

  • 31 ft of black feed hose to complement dark bottom pool floors

  • BONUS - Leaf bag and TailSweep® PRO included

Polaris PB4SQ Booster Pump


The Power Behind Polaris Cleaners

The PB4SQ is an energy-efficient, multistage booster pump that operates quietly and is easy to install and service. It has been designed to provide optimum power to Polaris pressure cleaners.


  • Energy-Efficient - High-performance multistage pump reduces energy use.

  • Quieter Operation - Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled (TEFC) motor and innovative fan are designed for quieter operation.

  • Optimum Performance - Specifically designed to operate pressure cleaners at optimum efficiency.


Pentair MicroBrite LED Pool Lights


The Most Compact Pool and Spa LED Light Available.

The ultimate lighting upgrade. MicroBrite Color and White LED Lights provide exceptional brilliance and lighting quality. Because they’re only 3.5 inches long—the industry’s shortest— they give new freedom to add lighting in places never before possible. MicroBrite LED Lights give you more room for imagination!


• Brilliant LED Excitement in a Small Package Premium LED illumination and vibrant colors from a light just 3.5 inches long

• Opens Up New Lighting Design Possibilities Fits into narrow walls and tight spaces where others don’t

• Warm White Provides the gentle color tone of incandescent lighting

Jandy JXI Pool & Spa Heater


An Ultra-Compact and Energy-Efficient Gas Pool Heater The JXi™ heater sets the standard in pool and spa heating with unsurpassed energy-efficiency and optional cost-saving Integrated Bypass technology that diverts water flow away from the heater when there is no call for heat. Boasting an 84% thermal efficiency rating and a low-NOx design, the JXi is available in both natural and propane gas models. The JXi also features advanced automation compatibility with AquaLink® systems and iAquaLink™ control, for anytime, anywhere convenience.


  • Energy-Efficient Heating - 84% thermal efficiency rating and low-NOx design surpasses strict DOE Energy Efficiency requirements.

  • Automation-Ready - Compatible with AquaLink® automation systems for anytime, anywhere control from your mobile device using the iAquaLink™ app.

  • 5-Year Heat Exchanger Warranty - JXi heaters with VersaFlo factory installed receive an industry leading 5-Year standard warranty on the heat exchanger.

  • Heat When You Want. Save When You Don’t. - The heater is typically only used 3.5% of average annual pump runtime, the other 96.5% of the time the heat exchanger can be bypassed

  • Save Even More with VersaFlo Integrated Bypass - Variable-speed pumps can be run at a lower speed when bypassing the heater, saving up to $350 per year in electricity costs***

  • Ultra-Compact Lightweight Design - Easy to store, transport, and install, JXi easily fits on a 2’ x 2’ pad and is 38% lighter with a 28% smaller footprint†.

  • Best Retrofit Option - Plumbing flexibility for quick Mastertemp® and Max-E Therm® replacement that requires no plumbing adjustments.

  • Flexible Installation - Top can be easily removed for increased accessibility and rotated 180 degrees so you never need to rotate headers. Also includes a flip up electrical panel for convenient setup and service.

  • Versa Plumb® -Ready - Installation in the Versa Plumb system*(standard on all models) reduces plumbing costs and increases hydraulic efficiency, all using the smallest footprint available.††


Jandy Neverlube Diverter Valves


Jandy Pro Series Valves with Never Lube Technology – the Industry's Best-Selling Valve for Over 20 Years The Never Lube Valve is completely maintenance-free and built from the toughest CPVC material. It can withstand extreme chemical and temperature fluctuations without ever leaking, cracking or breaking. 


  • Large 1.5" x 2" & 2" x 2.5" dimension designed to easily connect with Jandy Pro Series Pumps

  • Included placards label the valve position

  • Never requires lubrication

  • Adjustable-stop feature allows for flow adjustment

  • Both diverter valves can handle flow rates up to 170 GPM with minimal head loss, making them great for spas and water features that require high flow rates

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